Small Guest Room

Chances are good that adding a small guest room to your home would be a wonderful addition to your life. The Challenge is to add a guest room that is functional and beautiful, yet at the same time affordable. This is where Modern Shed can help you tremendously. We offer the ultimate solution to creating a Small Guest Room. Without sacrificing a room in your home, we can help you create the perfect guest room. Take a look at our portfolio here. A small guest room from Modern Shed can provide you exactly what you need and want. The beautiful, light and airy feeling of our guest rooms will provide both you and your guests with the ideal space. Privacy, convenience, warmth and affordability are all achievable with our assistance. When your guest room is not being used by a visitor, it can be used as the perfect home office. Download our complete catalog here.

Backyard Guest Studio

Guest Room

A prefabricated studio can be a dream come true and a solution to your need for a backyard guest studio. Modern Shed can provide you a streamlined, beautiful and very affordable addition to your home. Rather than sacrificing space in your home, our prefab studios can be designed to meet your exact needs and are carefully designed and crafted to both create your backyard guest studio, and add value to your home. We offer affordable, beautiful alternatives to either sacrificing space in your home or to a costly and time-consuming home remodel. Adding a backyard guest studio is easier than you think. Take a look at our medium sized studios here. Modern Shed is Green! We make smart decisions about materials and our backyard guest studios are made to be efficient and ecologically friendly. We can help you from outgrowing your current home by providing you with a backyard guest studio, keeping families together and helping you meet ever changing needs.