Prefab backyard office Shed

At various times in our lives, the world requires that we work in new and more efficient ways. Modern-Shed can help you with a backyard office. A professional and elegantly designed backyard office shed can transform your work life and home life. The benefits of having a home office in your backyard are many and varied. Suddenly your commute is gone, and you gain more time in your life for either work or personal use. A not insignificant benefit of having a backyard office is that it also adds value to your home.

A home office in your backyard can have a profoundly positive effect on your home and work life. Modern-Shed has been providing prefab backyard offices for years and our professional design and installation teams can get you exactly what you need and want. Work at your office with the convenience of home.

Helping people with the backyard office is our passion.

With a young daughter at home, Charles didn’t want to face a two-hour commute each day to get to the Seattle offices of the social media company where he works.

“That’s effectively four hours of my 3-year-old daughter’s life,” Charles notes. “Three years old is a pretty key age. When you think about it, four hours a day five days a week is 20 hours a week. That’s half a work week I’ve spent away from home. That’s almost an entire day of my daughter’s life.”

Having a backyard office is one of the most popular uses for our home office sheds. We can customize it to exactly fit your needs. We build green and have professional installation crews.

Imagine a quiet space for you to work at home. Now imagine that space in your backyard office studio. Visit our gallery and see what we can do for you.


Beautiful, Prefabricated Garden Home Offices

Home Office
Modern Shed is passionate about fulfilling your need for a garden home office. Whether you need to store bikes, skis and other equipment, or you need to have an office at home in your garden, Modern Shed can help you. A Garden Home Office is one of the most popular uses for our beautiful prefabricated Modern Sheds.

Built Green, a garden home office provided by Modern Shed includes sustainable products, such as materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, sustainable cement board siding, 50 year metal roofing, VOC free interior paneling and more. Our garden home office sheds are small, efficient spaces that are well insulated and energy conscience. We are glad we can help you with your home office needs and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

A Garden Home Office can be a smart financial decision and can be customized to fit your exact needs. There are five types of siding available on your garden home office, Modern Open Joint, James Hardie, 6” tight knot cedar, 4” clear Western Red cedar and Painted or galvanized corrugated metal. See Exterior Choices. The Hardie siding can be painted in standard or custom Benjamin Moore colors. Your Garden Home Office can be exactly what you need and want. A Garden Home Office is very likely to pay for itself over a short period of time, with gas and money saved from not driving to work, time saved from your commute and greater work efficiency. One of our clients found that their shed paid for itself in just three years. Read our blog for the full story.

Garden Home Offices can come in 3 different sizes. Small 8x, Medium 10x, Large 12x. (link each to the correct gallery) we provide the ultimate solution to working at home and having that extra space you need. The clean and elegant lines our Modern Sheds, built with quality green material will create a pleasant work or storage area in your backyard. Your Garden Home Office will be an extension of your home. Everyone needs a place at home work efficiently. Let Modern-Shed help you save money and time and save you from traffic, frustration and stress.