Modern-Shed considers anything with a 6’ or 8’ in depth dimension as a “Small”. They can be any length you choose, as is the case with all of our structures. The small size is amazingly utilitarian and can be used as a small office, craft room, play room or any number of uses as they are about the size of a small bedroom. This size can either be a bare bones storage shed or fully insulated with finished ceiling and wall paneling as a small studio space. This size is easily installed on concrete pier blocks and all components can be hand carried into or around tight spaces. Consider this size for smaller backyards or side yards. Remember to check with your local zoning department to learn what your property line setback regulations are. Download our catalog for more information.

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10 x

This is our most popular size studio. Our sizes are measured at the dimensions of the largest points of the roof system (drip edge) in order to comply with most building / zoning regulations. Most jurisdictions allow up to 120 square feet by the sky-view (how Google Earth sees it) without a building permit. Our design allows the maximum interior space allowed, yet adhering to the 120 sf rule. However, if your jurisdiction allows the measurement by the framing or interior floor dimension, Modern-Shed can easily accommodate that. None of our components are pre-built or “off the shelf”. All of our sheds are built specifically for each customer. A 10’ deep shed can be any length you would like and the medium is perfect for a home office, man cave, diva den, craft room, photo studio, etc.. These units can also be a good size for storage space and can be put either on a concrete slab or on concrete pier blocks. They can be bare bones or fully insulated with finished walls and ceiling. Download our catalog for more information.

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12 x

Our Large studios are 12’ in depth and any length you desire. This size is commonly used for a larger office, gaming room, large art studio, large man cave or as a guest suite. A 12’x16’ space is perfect for such uses. Modern-Shed does NOT provide electrical, plumbing or interior appliances or fixtures. However, we can pre-drill the studs and make framing accommodations for your electrician to run wiring and insert an electrical panel (if necessary). Because our structures are panelized, we can also insert special framing into the floor system to accept toilet and shower plumbing. These larger structures normally will sit on a concrete slab (consider radiant floor heat), on pin piers, on sono-tubes or on a typical perimeter foundation. Our uniquely designed wood framed floor system can accommodate any of the last 3 noted above. Download our catalog for more information.

A note regarding Extra-large structures; Any shed structure over 12’ in projection would be considered an extra-large and is designed, fabricated and installed in a different manner than the shed packages here. Please contact one of our Modern-Shed design professionals to discuss your project. Keep in mind, an “extra-large” is basically a “home” and is NOT a “pre-manufactured” nor “modular” structure. Modern-Shed can design, provide permit plan drawings and fabricate 14’ or 16’ deep structures. These, as all of our structures, are shell structures only; no electrical, plumbing, appliances, fixtures, foundations or HVAC systems. Those items are provided by the customer’s general contractor. This allows for ease of building inspections and local labor keeps your project costs affordable and in your control.