Our Story

In 1998, Ryan Grey Smith and Ahna Holder had their work cut out for them.

The husband and wife architect team had just purchased a 1940s-era home in Seattle that they planned to renovate. However, they ran into an interesting problem. Their new home lacked a garage, a basement and an attic. Without any storage space indoors, the couple looked outside — and they realized the answer was simple.
They built a shed.

More accurately, they built a solution for their lives; Less a shed, and more a stylish, peaceful get-away in the backyard. Their shed became the basis for all Modern-Sheds. Modern-Shed launched in 2005, and we’ve been creating solutions for our clients around the country ever since. As you might have figured out by now, Modern-Sheds aren’t your typical garden or storage shed. Some of our clients use the prefabricated spaces as home offices, with enough privacy to get work done; as art studios, with enough light to allow the creative juices to flow; or as guest cottages, with enough space to accommodate loved ones at the convenience of being steps away from the home.

In the end, Ryan and Ahna’s story isn’t that different from the stories of all our Modern-Shed clients: Modern-Sheds have provided innovative, eco-friendly and in-expensive solutions to storage and space problems that have become typical in this growing, modern world. The options are endless. How will you use your Modern-Shed?